Title: Hide ‘N Seek
Author: Yvonne Harriott
Genre: Mystery, Romance
First published: May 30th 2012
Finished reading: May 30th 2015
Pages: 274
Rating 2,5

“Whether he wanted to play her game or not, he didn’t have a choice. He would play her game of hide and seek and when the game was over, he would be dead. And eye for an eye.”


I have to admit I decided to read Hide ‘N Seek mostly because I needed a book written by an author with my first name… I wasn’t really impressed by the cover or blurb, but there are not a lot of authors out there named Yvonne so I decided to give it a go anyway. I normally enjoy the mystery/thriller genre, but Hide ‘N Seek was too cliche for me and there was too much romance involved. The general idea of the story is actually interesting, but they way Yvonne Harriott developed the idea just wasn’t my cup of tea. I guess fans of romantic suspense who don’t mind a cliche scene or two will probably enjoy this novel way better than I did. But I just wasn’t impressed. A beautiful female private detective falling for her handsome client? Too cliche for my taste.


Private detective Marklynn Brooks just found out her sister Sydney is missing in action yet again, but she suspects something really went wrong this time. Marklynn finds some suspicious photos at her sister’s flat and the trail leads to the Beck Security Systems company and its CEO Dalton Beck. Beck denies any involvement, but Marklynn is not so sure she can trust him. It’s a race against the clock and things become even more complicated when it turns out that a security breach at the Beck Security Systems company seems to be related to Sydney’s disappearance… Forcing Marklynn to work closely together with the man she doesn’t exactly trust.


When I saw Hide ‘N Seek fell under the romantic suspense genre, I should have known this read wouldn’t be for me. It’s not my favorite genre and unfortunately this novel had too many cheesy romance scenes for me to actually enjoy this novel. I guess fans of romantic suspense will probably end up enjoying this read, but I was pretty annoyed by Marklynn and her actions. The storyline with Sydney’s disappearance slightly made up for the romance scenes, but Hide ‘N Seek still wasn’t one of my favorite reads.