Title: The Queen’s Army
(The Lunar Chronicles #1.5)
Author: Marissa Meyer
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Retelling
First published: November 20th 2012
Finished reading: June 30th 2015
Pages: 32
Rating 3

“They will be my most prized soldiers, chosen not only for their strenght and bravery, but also for their intelligence, cunning and adaptability.”


I don’t think The Queen’s Army is the best novella of the bunch, but it did help me understand some of the characters in Scarlet better. It’s not absolutely necessary to read this novella before starting on the sequel, but I’m glad I did. In The Queen’s Army, Marissa Meyer tells us more about the army Queen Levana is building on Luna. Young lunars are forced to undergo modifications and training to become her elite warriors… And they have some interesting skills indeed. The prose is just as good as always and all in all it’s a nice and quick read. Definitely recommended for those who want to learn more about Wolf and Ran!


Queen Levana has been building an army for years, forcing young Lunars to join a special training group. It’s an honor to be chosen and the Lunars cannot decline… They undergo various modifications to turn them into the warriors Levana needs. The new soldiers form a pack and train together for years; learning to eat, fight and control their new instincts. Queen Levana is looking for one elite pack to become her special warriors. They all want to win, because nobody wants to undergo even more painful modifications…


I enjoyed the other novellas better than this one, but I do admit The Queen’s Army is the one that is the most useful to read. It explains a lot about the Wolf and Ran characters in Scarlet; what they are and who they belong to. I don’t think it contains any spoilers, so it can be read either before or after the sequel… But personally I’m glad I read this novella before starting Scarlet. It’s short and easy to read, so recommended if you want to learn more about the Queen’s army.