Sam @ Taking On A World Of Words is hosting the When Are You Reading? Challenge this year, a challenge that is all about reading more books that either travel to different eras or are actually written in different times. There are twelve eras in total, and by finishing Hamlet and My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century last week I was finally able to complete the challenge! 😀 😀

For an (almost) complete list of the books I’ve read by era, check out this post here. I have to admit I haven’t updated my TimeToast timeline in months, but I have taken the time to make a shiny timeline of my own. With no less than 180! titles finished this year, I haven’t added all of them to the timeline below; I have only added one per year and picked the most important ones. Books have been divided by publish date and by setting, and in those cases the setting is not specified or is roughly the same as the publish date, I have used this color.


Thank you Sam for hosting this excellent challenge! Make sure to visit her blog if you haven’t already…