Title: The Ice Twins
Author: S.K. Tremayne
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror
First published: January 29th 2015
Publisher: Harper Collins
Finished reading: July 18th 2016
Pages: 373
Rating 4qqq

“It’s not so much my own death that is intolerable, it’s the death of those around me. Because I love them. And part of me dies with them. Therefore all love, if you like, is a form of suicide.”


I’ve heard a lot of great things about this book ever since it was published last year and it was on my list of most-anticipated-releases in the first place… I’m not sure why, but somehow I never actually read The Ice Twins though until now. And I kind of wish I had picked it up earlier, because I can definitely see why so many people seem to love this book! Sure, the plot itself is a bit simple and if you look critically nothing much really happens during the story. But there is no doubt that S.K. Tremayne is a master when it comes to creating a suspenseful atmosphere. The Ice Twins is well written with excellent descriptions that make it feel like you are right there on the tiny Scottish island with the main characters. I personally loved the setting and the spooky atmosphere, and I really enjoyed reading this story despite the lack of action. The plot twists are subtle, but have a big impact on the story and the characters. I personally didn’t really like Angus OR Sarah, especially because of the way they handle the whole situation, but their development is well done. The ending is interesting as well, and the twins are without doubt spooky and helped set the right atmosphere. If you are looking for a creepy and well written mystery/thriller, make sure to give The Ice Twins a go!


Angus and Sarah Moorcraft saw their lives fall apart after one of their identical twin daughters died in an accident a year ago. Their suriving daugher, Kirstie, is suffering as well, and they decide to make the move to the tiny Scottish island Angus inherited from his granmother hoping to put together some of the pieces of their shattered lives. Things don’t exactly improve though when Kirstie claims they have mistaken her identity; that she is in fact Lydia and that Kirstie was the one that fell out of the window. Their world comes crashing down again and they don’t know how to deal with all of this. Isolated on their tiny Scottish island, their surviving twin is growing more disturbed and both parents start to have problems of their own as well…


Like I said before, The Ice Twins is more about the character development and the spooky setting than the actual actions. It’s a well written read with excellent descriptions that make it feel you are right there with the characters, and the story definitely creeped me out at points. The ending was definitely surprising! If you enjoy reading the genre, I can definitely recommend this book.