Title: As Seen On TV
Author: Meredith Schorr
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
First published: June 7th 2022
Publisher: Forever
Finished reading: May 4th 2022
Pages: 352

“Trying to compare Pleasant Hollow to a Hallmark movie town was like trying to make salt taste like sugar.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Forever in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


There was just something about As Seen On TV that made me instantly curious to read it. I confess that I have never watched an episode of Gilmore Girls nor am I a big fan of Hallmark movies, but I do enjoy a good uplifting romance book when I’m in the mood for the genre. I liked the sound of the city girl going to a small town for a story and discovering something she didn’t expect instead… And I really thought this story was going to be a winner for me. Sadly, this didn’t end up being the case, and I came really close to DNFing it. Below I will explain briefly why this book wasn’t a right fit for me.

I still like the premise of As Seen On TV, and I guess that Gilmore Girls and Hallmark movies fans will probably find a lot of references and maybe even quotes to love. The fact that I didn’t was mostly my own fault of course, but I hoped to get a lot more out of the story despite my lack of knowledge of either. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the execution at all. My first important issue is with the main character Adina. She comes over as such a self-centered, immature and living-in-the-clouds brat, and I really couldn’t stand her. The fact that she thinks that the world revolves around her and that everything/everyone has to adapt so that she can get what she wants is beyond annoying, and the way she talked felt more like a spoiled teenager than a 25-year-old journalist. The fact that I didn’t like her at all made it really hard to keep reading; especially since the story is told from her POV.

I also wasn’t a fan of the romance at all. I simply didn’t feel that the connection between Adina and Finn was natural and it just all felt rather forced. The sexy scenes were simply cringeworthy, and made me start skimreading as soon as they appeared… And once I did, I started skimreading the non-steamy scenes too just so I could reach that final page sooner and stop having to deal with Adina. This is of course never a good sign, and I probably should have just given in and DNFed instead, because As Seen On TV and me most definitely weren’t ment to be. To make things worse, the ending was a little too convenient to be credible, but I admit that by then I was just hurrying things along to end my experience with this book.

Before I go, I do have to stress that most people do seem to enjoy As Seen On TV better… If you enjoy Gilmore Girls and/or Hallmark movies and don’t mind an immature and not that likeable main character, you might get a lot more out of this story than me.

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