Title: Never Go Home
(Faulkner Family #2)

Author: Christopher Swann
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
First published: August 9th 2022
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Finished reading: June 14th 2022
Pages: 288

“The logical side of me knows I’m avoiding hard truths, that my denials are bullshit. But this is my reality: my id, ego and superego crammed into a car that’s hurtling down the highway, all three of them fighting over the wheel.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Crooked Lane Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


There was just something about Never Go Home that made me want to read it immediately. I do love a good high speed and action-focused thriller, and that was exactly what the blurb seemed to promise to deliver… What I didn’t realize back when I requested a copy was that this is actually the second book of a series. Which is a shame, because while Never Go Home can easily be read as a stand-alone, major plot twists of the first book are spoiled and as a consequence I don’t think I will return to read that one even though I had a great time reading book number two.

Never Go Home is one of those lightning fast, exhilarating, over the top and action-packed thrillers that can go either way; either you are able to sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster ride or you can’t look past the credibility and cliches and abandon the ship before it reaches the end. Thankfully I definitely belonged to the first group. Then again, like I said before, I do love a good action thriller and Never Go Home will give you basically non stop action, violence, danger and suspense. I know this type of thriller might not be for everyone, but if it’s your cup of tea you will find yourself having an excellent time with this one.

While I did miss out on having the characters introduced in book one of course, it was quite easy to pick up the threads and figure out how the different characters fit in. Suzie is a true firecracker and, as she says so herself, basically a high-functioning sociopath. She definitely isn’t afraid to jump right into the most dangerous situations and make things work out in her favor, that’s for sure! She might not be 100% likeable and there might be cliches involved when it comes to the character development of most of the cast in general, but they do work perfectly in this story. This is probably because you are constantly distracted with yet another action scene, dangerous situation, shoot-out or (car) chase. Never Go Home would definitely make for a great action movie!

The plot does have different layers, with not only a glimpse of what Suzie can do at the beginning of the story, but also for example a focus on a gang war, Atlanta crime, an FBI investigation, events in Iraq and family issues. These different elements do help giving the story more dept, and while things can be said about the credibility of it all and certain parts of the plot are definitely over the top, as a whole I can’t deny Never Go Home was a very entertaining ride and most definitely a pageturner.

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