Title: What She Found
(Tracy Crosswhite #9)

Author: Robert Dugoni
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Detective
First published: August 23rd 2022
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Finished reading: August 19th 2022
Pages: 367

“I usually charge forward, like a bull in a china shop, until one of my horns sticks in something solid.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


It’s been a wild ride catching up with the Tracy Crosswhite books these past couple of months, and it’s a detective thriller series that has quickly turned into a favorite. What She Found is already book number nine of a series that shows no signs of slowing down, and it’s another highly successful sequel involving another cold case. What started out a tad slow, soon turned into a fascinating story and I couldn’t stop reading once I started to see the direction the story would take. What a read!

 Part of the reason why this series is so successful has a lot to do with the fact that it has a great cast of characters that you will easily grow attached to. There is a lot of room for personal development as well as the new cases Tracy Crosswhite and the rest investigate each book, and I would definitely suggest reading the books in order both to avoid spoilers and to learn more about the background of each character. Like with the previous books, the case in What She Found is actually a cold case Tracy decides to investigate after she is asked to do so by the daughter of a missing woman. This new cold case unit role fits Tracy’s character so well by the way! The main focus of this story is on this cold case, but it is by no means a ‘simple’ case as Tracy will soon discover herself.

I could appreciate the different possibilities and angles the plot offered us before showing the true colors of the cold case. I definitely didn’t see that direction coming! It was great to see both Faz and Del showing their faces again; these two Italians are amongst my favorites of the cast of characters. The character development and growth only adds to the story, and it’s always a bonus when the new characters are fleshed out properly as well. The personal developments make for a great balance with the police investigation, and while nothing too major happened on a personal level in What She Found, I very much enjoyed spending time with the main characters both on and outside the job.

The writing makes it very easy to keep turning those pages, and I can appreciate how this series is mostly about plain old police work and chasing down leads. A lot of the previous books have had a cold case focus, and with Tracy now heading the cold case unit it has become a given to have at least one cold case popping up. This book mainly focuses on one case, but that proves to be more than enough as there are a lot of angles and different events involved surrounding that one case. The twists are very well done, and there were a couple I didn’t see coming!

All in all What She Found turned out to be yet another satisfying Tracy Crosswhite sequel, and it has been a pleasure to catch up with the series in general. A great cast of characters, solid writing, a lot of cold cases and a healthy dose of suspense and crime… I can definitely understand why so many people enjoy this series now.

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