Title: The Night She Disappeared
Author: April Henry
Genre: YA, Mystery, Thriller
First published: March 13th 2012
Finished reading: October 10th 2015
Pages: 240
Rating 4qqq

“If Kayla is alive, I wonder if she really wants to be.”


I was in the mood for a good crime read and The Night She Disappeared is on of the books on my Halloween TBR, so I decided to read it in between other books. This novel is a fast read that will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat for the duration of the story. You have an idea of what could possibly happen in the future, but nothing is certain until the very last page. After one of the main characters, Kayla, disappears, we see what happens next from various perspectives: the victim, the kidnapper and Kayla’s friends. I was more than pleasantly surprised by April Henry‘s novel and I will definitely try to read more of her work in the future. The story was well written, fast-paced with just the right amount of plot twists and suspense. Perfect if you are looking for a good mystery/thriller/crime read with strong main characters!


Gabie, Kayla and Drew all work part time at Pete’s Pizza; the two girls mostly as delivery girls. One night, Kayla goes missing while she is delivering a pizza… The supposed kidnapper had actually asked for the girl in the Mini Cooper, but Gabie and Kayla had switched their shifts. Kayla is missing and nobody seems to have seen her, and Gabie feels almost guilty thinking that Kayla’s fate was really meant for her… She and Drew team up and are both determined to find Kayla and convinced she is still alive. But is she really? And if she is alive, does she really want to be?


The Night She Disappeared is a very well written crime story where one of the main characters is kidnapped and her friends try to find her before it’s too late. That might not be the most original plot, but it is very well executed with just the right amount of plot twists that will keep you guessing until the very end. I would definitely recommend this novel if you enjoy reading the genre!