ARC REVIEW: The Gift – by Louise Jensen


Title: The Gift
Author: Louise Jensen

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction
First published: December 16th 2016
Publisher: Bookouture
Finished reading: December 21st 2016
Pages: 320
Rating 4,5qqq

“A heart is not just an organ. The heart stores secrets and lies. Hopes and dreams. It’s more than a muscle. I know it is. The heart remembers.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Bookouture in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


I really enjoyed reading Louise Jensen‘s debut novel The Sister back in July, but I had so many other pending Netgalley ARC’s I didn’t immediately request a copy of her newest story The Gift. Big mistake! I’m so glad Donna convinced me to request my copy, because this new story was possibly even better. All those raving reviews were absolutely right to praise The Gift, because it is without doubt a very well written, original and exciting story. I have read many psychological thrillers this year, but this one stands out from the rest with both its original and refreshing plot and its excellent prose. The pace is fast, the mystery around Callie’s death is intriguing and I simply couldn’t put this story down until it was finished. I also liked the main character Jenna better than the main character in The Sister; Jenna makes a lot of reckless moves, but they are easily forgiven when you think about her situation. I don’t think I have read many stories where heart transplantation plays such a big role and it is without doubt one of the reasons I found The Gift such a refreshing psychological thriller. This one will without doubt appear on my list of 2016 favorites! If you enjoy reading the genre, I cannot recommend this author enough.


Jenna is seriously ill and has lost just about all her hope of getting the heart transplant she needs to live on time. But just as she is giving up, she learns that a donor heart has become available. She receives her heart from a girl called Callie, and as she recovers Jenna wonders who her new heart belonged to. Who was Callie and how did she die? But as she becomes closer to the family, her death is becoming more and more suspicious to Jenna…


I’m so glad I was convinced to request a copy of The Gift, because it has turned out to be one of the best and most refreshing psycholical thrillers I’ve read this year. It’s well written, fast-paced and has an interesting and original plot with many many plot twists you won’t see coming. It’s a true pageturner that will have you on the edge of your seat for the whole ride, and it’s without doubt one I can recommend to any mystery/thriller fan with my eyes closed.

17 thoughts on “ARC REVIEW: The Gift – by Louise Jensen

  1. Exactly what I thought! 🙂 Jenna did do some rather daft things, but given how drugged up/ill/paranoid she was, I could forgive her far more easily than the heroine of The Sister who was just plain gullible. I really like Louise’s writing style too. It’s so easy and quick to read, it makes it easy to read her books in one sitting which I think improves he experience.

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    • I totally agree! I will definitely be looking forward to anything new she will be publishing in the future… I enjoy her writing style and both stories were excellent. Hopefully the next story will give us another interesting main character like Jenna!

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  2. I am so happy (and relieved!) you enjoyed The Gift as much as I did! Like you, I think I even loved The Gift more than The Sister. I really liked that the writing still had that cinematic vibe and such strong power to hook me from the start. Jenna is a wonderful character to follow and I found the ending just right 🙂

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    • And I am so happy you convinced me to request a copy in the first place! Louise Jensen has definitely made it to my list of favorite new authors now… It’s true that the story could easily be made into a movie (hint hint! 😉 ).

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