Hooked To Books Reading Challenge

Anitya from Hooked To Books contacted me the other week about her reading challenge and I’ve finally found time to sit down and write my sign up post today. Thanks again for letting me know about your challenge; make sure to check out her page! ❤ The Hooked To Book Reading Challenge 2017 is all about reading as many books as possible during the twelve months of 2017. You can participate on four different levels and there are some pretty awesome rewards to win!

Levels Books Read & Reviewed Number of Rewards Rewards
Keen Reader 30+ 1 $50 Amazon Gift Card
Avid Reader 70+ 1 $75 Amazon Gift Card
Bookaholist 120+ 1 $100 Amazon Gift Card
Bookworm Extremist 200+ 10
1 Kindle Paperwhite
$150 Amazon Gift Card

I will be signing up for the 120 books: Bookaholist level… I know I probably should try the 200 books mark since I managed to get pretty close last year with 194, but I’ve decided to play it safe. 😉 I’m currently at 55 books already so I should be able to reach my final goal without stressing out too much I guess.

Have you joined this challenge? You still have until June 15th to sign up if you are interested!


You can also find me at Goodreads. Twitter. Instagram. FacebookBloglovin’.


18 thoughts on “Hooked To Books Reading Challenge

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