Title: Kindred Spirits
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Short Stories
First published: February 25th 2016
Finished reading: March 2nd 2016
Pages: 96
Rating 4qqq

“Everybody likes Star Wars,” he said. “Everybody likes everything these days. The whole world is a nerd.”


I’ve read and enjoyed all Rainbow Rowell‘s YA novels, so when I found out she wrote a novella for World Book Day I knew I had to get a copy immediately. While I’m not really a Star Wars fan myself, I still really enjoyed reading Kindred Spirits. I maybe didn’t get all the Star Wars references, but the story itself is entertaining. The prose is easy to read and feels really ‘modern’ with hashtag and other social media references. The three people in the Star Wars waiting line are the perfect example of the fact that first impressions can be wrong… And that it can go both ways. If you like her YA novels and want another sample of her work, Kindred Spirits is definitely an interesting enough novella. Not my favorite story, but still really entertaining!


Ever since her father introduced her to the world of Star Wars, Elena has been a fan. So when a new movie is about to come out, she decides to queue outside her local cinema so she will one of the first to enter. She was expecting to find tons of people all celebrating their love for everything Star Wars together, but when she arrives at the cinema it turns out that she is the last in a line of only three people. Elena decides to stay anyway and make the best of her ‘line’ experience… Although finding a short line isn’t the only thing that will surprise her during her days outside the cinema.


Kindred Spirits is a short and entertaining read I’m sure Star Wars fans will love. And even if you are not really into Star Wars like myself, this novella is still interesting enough to read anyway. Rainbow Rowell is an excellent YA author and really knows how to develop her characters and write teenage dialogues. Recommendable!